LokoWraps | About Us
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About Us

Island Style Mexican Food

Loko is a Hawaiian word, the definition is “Inside” or “Within”. In island slang or ‘pidgin’ Loko means “Local” or “From Here”. The Spanish version of Loco is “Crazy”.


Loko Wraps original menu of Island Style Mexican Food certainly embodies all three of these monikers. Our favorite saying is “Mai e’Loko Mai” – That Which is Within Matters. We are always conscious and thoughtful of the ingredients we put inside our food, and the food we put inside our bodies.


We think about the land (ka’āina), what’s within our surroundings, and how we can help create a beautiful healthy place for everyone. It’s our responsibility (kuleana) to the future to practice a sustainable life and business. Loko Wraps proudly uses compostible utensil, plates, and cups. Much of our produce is purchased from local farmers, and many of our vendors and partners are small local businesses and family own operations.

Affordable, Delicious & Healthy.

Loko Wraps is known for providing customers with island fusion foods that are based on familiar favorites. Featuring local, organic, seasonal, and vegan versions of Hawaiian and Mexican faire that is sure to please the senses. It’s like a Piniata with a Luau inside – Mexican on the outside, but Island on the inside!