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Starts with giant flour tortilla and a bed of our Coconut Rice, topped with your choice of slow-cooked filling and Loko Sauce, it’s finished with Pineapple Coleslaw, Fresh Romaine, Lilikoi Lani dressing all before getting folded, rolled and grilled to perfection.

Delicious Grinds



Fillings & Sauces

Island inspired Slow Cooked Fillings


Shoyu Chicken – Shredded chicken with an island inspired secret spiced marinade, think teriyaki meets the carribean for a truly unique delicious combination


Seasonal Veggies – A veritble vegetable variety cooked & seasoned to perfection, we change it up daily to let everyone experience a cornicopia of options and flavors- Thai, Hawaiian, Indian, Italian, Southwest American to name a few!


BBQ Jackfruit – An island specialty of rich bountiful flavors & a meaty vegan delight. It looks like meat, smells like meat and tastes like meat, but it’s not meat!


Ground Beef – We use Big Island grass-fed beef for this special recipe, it’s cooked in Kona coffee with potatoes, onions and red chili spice rub.


Ceviche Catch – Citrus cooked local fish diced and mixed with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onion, cilanto and other complimenting ingredeints for a zesty refreshing take on a classic dish.

Loko Sauces


Sweet Lava – Hawaiian Pineapple and Chili Pepper Sauce  (mild) 2/10 heat, it’s a nice sweet, a little tangy, and just a kiss of heat, a good compliment to any dish. Traditionalist favor this sauce on the Kalua Pig.


Ka’u BBQ  – Island Cacao, and Local Coffee Barbecue Sauce (medium) 3/10 heat, it’s rich and robust, full of depth and sure to add a unique savory aspect to the plate. A perfect pair with beef and jackfruit alike.


Spicy Jungle – Lilikoi, Jalapeno, Ginger, Garlic and Papaya Seed (hot) 6/10, it’s our famous jungle sauce, made with local passionfruit and papaya, we pickle the ginger and blend it into a spicy green concoction of flavors straight from the jungles of Hawaii!


Lilikoi Lani Dressing – a Creamy blend of Passionfruit and Poppyseed adds just the right acidity and sweetness to any dish. A heavenly (Lani) choice for those who cant handle the heat of our Loko Sauces.


Loko House Sauce – Local Flavors, Always Different, ask about what we have specially made!


All the Loko Sauces and Dressings are made in house, they are all dairy-free, gluten/soy free, and always amazing. Every food item comes with your choice of Loko Sauce, but try more sauces for just 75 cents each!